Using Graf Air Freight, Information and Tips For You

Did you realize that Graf is a industry giant freight company that has been used by businesses or companies over the globe? The graf cooperation is regularly performing among competition with greater cost savings and providing a solution that will deliver the package on time.

The staff at Graf is highly trained and knows how to handle your freight needs. They are experts on getting freight delivered savely and on time. They have someone in the customer support center available to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will always be able to find someone to help you with your package.

With an air freight service that is second to none, Graf understands that they always need to be moving to keep up with all of the packages that need to move to their destination. This leads them to look for areas where they can improve any area of their operation. Efficiency leads the list of important corporate competencies at Graf. The customer must always be happy in order for the management of Graf to be happy.

There are a few things that you as a customer can do to ensure your package arrives at its destination safely. Breakage and damage in shipping is something that no one enjoys. If you are able to follow these steps, you will eliminate some of the major reasons that damage in shipping occurs.

This is a list of precautions that you can take to ensure the overall safety of your package in the shipping process.

Proper padding can help the contents of the package arrive safely at their destination. If you are shipping a mix of items that are fragile and those that are not, make sure that the fragile items are padded properly. Also, secure the items from moving, so that the fragile items are not broken by the other items in the package.

If your package is not filled completely, make an effort to place padding in the package, or find an appropriately sized box to place the items into. If there is excessive room in the box, it is more likely that items will shift or be displaced in the shipping process. This can lead to damage and breakage. Less motion in the box leads to less breakage.

If you are sending liquids or chemicals that may be hazardous, always check to make sure that the carrier will send them by air. There are stricter regulations for shipping hazardous materials by air. If you avoid these type of substances in your package, you will have a much smoother time at the shipping office. If it is necessary to ship this type of item, make sure to talk with the customer support before taking the items to the shipping office. This will ensure that you have all necessary paper work and clearances to ship the items.

Perishable items must be packed properly before sending them with Graf air freight. You can find proper packaging materials for use in shipping these items. You will want to ensure that you use proper refrigeration and containment for these items. There are also additional requirements and regulations regarding perishable items. Please verify those with your customer support representative before arriving with your package ready for shipment. This will save you frustration at the shipping desk.

If you are to follow the above suggestions and guidelines before sending an air freight shipment with Graf, you will have a much smoother experience. Graf is a great provider of air shipments that will deliver your packages with the greatest of care.

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