Air freight companies a fast service – the things to know

Air freight companies tend to be prepared to handle almost all airfreight consignments with greatest professionalism and reliability, care as well as promptness.

They can move everything including paperwork in order to electronic digital tools to car parts.

Good air freight companies have considerable system associated with agents and nearby workplaces. This really is positive for the customer.

He will be certain associated with quick as well as quickly companies with virtually any stage of your time. service with regard to him is waiting only a mobile call apart. air freight is regarded as the secure and handy type of shipment worldwide with regard to important as well as important goods.

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Great air freight companies work within an inexpensive way. This provides the customer together with quick and efficient service with regard to items. Fast service multiple destinations all over the world reaches their particular tips of the fingers. Performance report of your air freight company really overtakes the marketplace and also customer mattress group for this. Client motivation is very essential as business requires on-time shipping.

air freight companies look after the wants as well as daily activities with the client for delivery. It is regarded as the particular most secure as well as fastest means of moving items. Tie-up with strategies providers permits efficient monitoring program.

Top air freight companies provide greatest of providers.

Goods are shipped throughout the world as well as coming from door to doorway. Supervision through experienced experts means that the products remain in intact as well as unique problems. Traditions clearance service is given by the air freight company and also the client may depend on the effectiveness. A few air freight companies also offer packing services. Additionally verify:

To acquire air freight the actual packaging must comply with some basic airline needs. In individuals instances customize made the labels is actually offered through the airfreight companies.

the air freight companies tend to be versatile as well as cater to diverse requirements from the consumer. Pleased consumers usually rely on great companies as well as depend on their services with regard to company.

Freight forwarding service aid trouble-free transportation – the things you need to know

Safety factors are our own problem whether it is associated with the folks or perhaps our own points. When it comes to large travel associated with products upon which sets an enormous expense, the actual issue is actually much more regarding it’s risk-free transport.

But much in order to the alleviation came several freight forwarding service company that ensure that the freight is actually beneath secure fingers. There are lots of business people that prolong their own business within international marketplace as well as for them shipping of their completed merchandise or even uncooked supplies can be an important part.

Transport of goods is the lifeline of numerous entrepreneurs also it upon these which their own result is dependent upon. A delay within attaining the actual location can create a large disarray correctly may result in a massive reduction. Therefore, it is extremely important on the part of the actual entrepreneurs which they pick a qualified company which is not even close committing any kind of carelessness. A slight error may cost the businessman. You will find diverse formats through which freight forwarding service may sign an agreement having a entrepreneur. This website: presents lots of assistance about the topic.

The rules associated with travel additionally depends on the type of products and also correct documentation is completed prior to stepping into an agreement for there are many concerns that should be categorized away just before starting out. Because there isn’t any scarcity regarding fraudulent activities in different sectors, it might be finest to be able to carry out appropriate examination before heading a start. Furthermore outlawed actions are very common and any kind of adulterous goods used through the freight forwarding service could put them in to extreme trouble.

Therefore, it is greatest that both parties look at each and every other people qualifications before entering into a contract. Both of these should make sure their own security when it comes to unforeseen conditions for the transport could get disrupted due to a major accident or even unavoidable conditions. The hassle free transport could be brought about by mutual cooperation.

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A Globally Acclaimed International Air Freight Company Assures High Service

Finding the right shipment company is a challenging job for you. But you must rise up to the challenge for the timely delivery of your items in good health. Any kind of delay will be a blemish on your reputation. Therefore, you must have to bear the initial trouble of doing a little bit of research works either by online searching or consulting with the others to choose the best international air freight company.


Prior to selecting a shipment company, make sure that it has a long time experience in this field. It must have a proven track record as to providing the quality service for many years. Reputation speedily spreads by mouth. So the positive response from the customers will be the testimonials to the top-notch performance of a specific international air freight company. The company must have offices in every foreign destination where it has extended its service. There are several advantages of choosing a reputed and reliable international air freight service provider. One by one they are mentioned below:-


A greater number of destinations: If you choose a renowned international air freight service company, then your product will easily reach to several countries and not to a handful of foreign destinations only. This facility is advantageous for both a businessmen and service holder. A businessman can have a way to reach to a larger section of the customers throughout the globe and it will make his business flourish. An ordinary person, having nothing to do with business, can easily send the cargo to the relatives and friends residing in both the neighboring as well as far-flung countries. In a nutshell, the service of an international air freight company extends through the length and breadth of the world. Count the numbers and names of the destinations the company is providing its service to.


Delivery on time: For the businessmen, the on-time delivery of the shipments is an important factor in building up the reputation. A good international air freight service provider will certainly arrange for the timely arrival of the shipments. International container shipping is much common nowadays and many companies are offering the high services at the affordable costs. The top-tier shipping companies are too much reputation-sensitive and they will try their best to be true to their promises of timely delivery. You may place faith in their profiles and promises and expect that your shipments will arrive in the right places and on right time.


Variety of options: The top-tier international air freight companies offer a variety of options to choose from regarding sending of items. You may select according to your needs from the list of the express air shipping to the charter flights. You can also avail the service of the ocean freight shipping provided by many an international air freight service provider through their sister companies.


Good rate: Getting a good rate does not necessarily imply to availing the low cost service. You must wish to have the most economical rate for the best quality. A trusted international air freight provider will demand a higher charge but at the same time it will provide the most satisfactory service to the customers. If paying the extra bulks makes you avail the top-notch services, you must go for it.

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What is air freight? United Airlines describes what is air freight. Study international freight export management at South San Francisco adult education center. Classes are 8 weeks long, and will start last week of Aug. 2009. Check the school website for details. Seating is limited so sign up early. VIDEO part #2/2 Part 1 starts here:

Selecting an Air Freight Forwarder

Selecting an Air Freight Forwarder

An air freight forwarder can be a firm or an individual in line with the business of transporting goods.  An air freight forwarder specifically uses airplanes as carriers for cargo dispatching.  An air freight forwarder functions to settle documents in the transportation of cargo from its origin to destination.  The air freight forwarder should be competent and is able to deliver good service.  The air freight forwarder should assume accountability and be experienced enough.  Selecting the right air freight forwarder is very important.

The air freight forwarder is not necessarily a large company.  An air freight forwarder can be a small firm.  The air freight forwarder that can easily give accessible customer service is the best choice. The air freight forwarder must be big enough to cater the traders’ requirements.  The air freight forwarder should be able to render services even when on vacation.  The air freight forwarder must ensure that shipping needs are handled excellently.

Choosing an air freight forwarder that is stable is important.  This doesn’t only mean the number of years that the air freight forwarder has been in operation.  This is also refers to the financial stability of the air freight forwarder.  The longer the air freight forwarder is in operation means that the air freight forwarder is financially capable of doing business.  This is one of the most important things to consider in choosing an air freight forwarder.  You can opt of checking the bank credential of the air freight forwarder.

The air freight forwarder should be an expert in choosing what’s to be done with your goods.  The air freight forwarder should be able to assist you in making quick, secure and affordable dispatching. The air freight forwarder must have vast knowledge about regulations that apply to your shipment especially if you want the air freight forwarder to deliver your goods overseas.

Choose an air freight forwarder that has wide connections of custom agents.  Opt for the air freight forwarder that has a good association of agents in your target market.  When your air freight forwarder has a good network of agents, your goods will be transported smoothly to its destination.  Make sure that you are aware of the handling capacity of the air freight forwarder you choose.  An air freight forwarder that has many connections may deliver perishable goods before they perish.  So it is important to choose an air freight forwarder that has a good network of connections.

The air freight forwarder must be able to communicate to the trader.  The air freight forwarder should make the customer understand on the documents and handling of your products. An air freight forwarder should take time to explain the things needed to be done.

Choose the air freight forwarder that knows well enough how to handle your products.  An air freight forwarder that ensures security and safety to your product is best choice.  The air freight forwarder should know the special needs of the merchandise, so that your air freight forwarder can make important preparations prior to shipping.

Examine the references of your air freight forwarder.  You need to do so because you will be doing important business with your air freight forwarder.  This is an important factor in selecting the right air freight forwarder.  Another important thing is the customer satisfaction in general of your air freight forwarder.  You may ask the previous clients of your chosen air freight forwarder.

An air freight forwarder may commit errors along the way.  It is important that the air freight forwarder has the errors and omissions insurance.  This will be very necessary in case your air freight forwarder has done damage to your products and sales.

The air freight forwarder collects a flat rate for its service.  The trader can refer to the air freight forwarder quote for all the charges.  An air freight forwarder should itemize or reflect breakdown of charges in the trader’s invoice.

The air freight forwarder is identified as a domestic air freight forwarder or an international air freight forwarder.  The domestic air freight forwarder caters dispatching transactions within the skirts of the country only.  While the international air freight forwarder can handle business overseas.  The domestic air freight forwarder you know may also be an international air freight forwarder if they are able to deliver merchandise out of the country.

It is important to take note of the tips in choosing an air freight forwarder.  Find the air freight forwarder that can really do the job well.  A reliable air freight forwarder is transparent and accurate with transactions.  The air freight forwarder of your choice should also be able to meet deadlines.





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A Guide to Choosing Air Freight Forwarders

Selecting the right air freight forwarder is of utmost importance as the freight forwarding agent one uses can determine the success or failure of an export/import business. Choosing an air freight forwarder is a task that requires a lot of research and any decision concerning freight forwarding must be considered carefully. It has become doubly important to pick an affordable, yet efficient air freight forwarder in these trying economic times.

A good way to start is to make a list of possible candidates. This list must be populated with air forwarders that meet all the requirements of your particular line of business. Your air freight forwarder must have a reputation for being efficient and cost effective. They must also be knowledgeable about the products your company deals with.

Ensure that the air freight forwarder is knowledgeable as to how to handle and package your products and ensure its safety from the time the goods leave your hands to the time they reach your consumers. Your air freight forwarder must also be aware of the markets your company deals with and the laws and practices of import and export in the countries that your products will be shipped to.

Try to find a forwarder that offers customers competitive prices and discounts. Also, check to see if the air freight forwarder has reliable customer service representatives and efficient shipment tracking services. Although it is not necessary, any membership that the air freight forwarder has to known and trusted freight organisations will increase credibility and should put it higher on your list.

A good air freight forwarding company can be a valuable asset to any importing and exporting international business. These companies can provide reliable and up-to-date advice regarding shipping costs, packaging techniques and matters related to shipment documentation. They are also responsible for providing their customers with detailed price quotations regarding shipping, airport charges, documentation, clearance expenses and handling fees. Some airfreight companies even provide their customers with in-house packaging services. This is a definite plus for companies dealing with fragile commodities like electronics and glassware.

The airfreight company of your choice must be able to meet all of these requirements. A good airfreight company will help importers and exporters save money on shipping costs and more importantly, will ensure that they deliver their customers goods to their destinations on time and in a good condition.

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Air Freight Carriers: What do they do?

Air freight carriers are companies or airlines which are used to ship goods over long distances in a short amount of time. Freight carriers may be part of a passenger airline or dedicated a dedicated cargo airline. Such Freight carriers may also be dedicated transportation logistics companies like Fed-Ex who have a cargo airline and a business and logistics system to support end to end delivery as well.

Air freight or cargo airlines

Cargo/ air freight is a service used by many companies all over the world everyday for multinational import and export. Air freight services are professional logistics support businesses which manage the handling and transportation of goods and raw material. Today, airfreight businesses handle any kind of shipment, domestic or international, to any destination anywhere in the world provided there are no legal barriers to the transportation of the goods in question.

Modern airfreight services provide customs support (clearance agents all over the world) for the quick clearance of goods while also combining other transportation methods (like trucks or cargo ships) for end to end delivery in order to combine services and cut costs all round for themselves and therefore for their clients. Many such cargo carrying companies also provide the option for expedited shipment (express delivery) to most parts of the world.

There are three forms of air cargo transportation. Passenger airline freight (smaller goods carried on commercial passenger flights), dedicated cargo airlines using cargo planes, and super cargo planes used for specialized transportation (for instance machinery, other aircraft and any other such heavy goods).
Air freight transportation companies use a variety of aircraft, depending upon the goods, the quantity (or weight) and the destination. Commonly used aircraft may include ATRs, Boeing 707, 747-200F & 727, Douglas DC-8, DC-10, MD-11, Ilyushin Il-76 and even some 60-year-old Douglas DC-3s. The largest built cargo planes in use today are the USAF’s C-5 Galaxy and the Russian Antonov AN-225.

Freight forwarding services

Freight forwarding companies; act as intermediaries between clients who wish to ship goods and transportation companies who actually transport the goods; these companies usually have a vast list of transportation services with home they have established business relationships and as third-party logistics companies, provide clients the benefits of their expertise in handling all transportation related issues.

International shipments from one destination to another usually involve using a system of multiple carriers and attention to transportation requirements and legalities (bills or lading, customs documentation, clearance and insurance). A freight forwarding service handles these details for their clients, managing the entire logistics of a shipment, relieving a burden that would otherwise be handled by the business/ producer making the shipment.

These companies guarantee the delivery of the product to a destination by the contracted (agreed upon) delivery date, and negotiate the best price to move the goods via the most economical route by working out various bids and choosing the one that best balances speed, cost and reliability; often providing their clients with options on various packages which might best suit their needs accordingly.

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Honolulu, HI October 15, 2008-Aloha Air Cargo officially unveiled the newly branded modern, stylistic of Hawaii Culture, lively plane. A traditional Hawaiian blessing was conducted by Kahu Kordell Keko, the Chaplain of Kamehameha Schools Kapalama Campus. Aloha Air Cargo executives, employees and their families, clients, business and community partners enjoyed live music and refreshments into the evening.
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How Does Air Freight Service Works

Our present day living is driven by the need to communicate, to be informed and to send various items worldwide. And due to time constraint and the immediate necessity to transfer everything in the fastest mode of transportation available, the airline and cargo industry devised ways of carrying cargoes while maximizing time incurred during the process.

Cargo shipment by air is now termed to as air freight service. Items shipped at this mode range anywhere from a couple of pounds to as much as 43 000 pounds. Therefore accommodating almost all items that need for immediate shipment.

Parcels and express letters are typically the easiest to ship due to relatively handy size and weight. For larger-sized items however, various methods of shipment are required for travel and services vary depending on the number of categories including:

-The size and weight of the item
-The duration (number of days) required for shipment
-The type of item

There are four basic categories for shipments namely:

a. Household goods which cover items such as furniture and the likes.

b. Overnight express or express shipments that deliver personal and business items which are observably lighter and smaller in size. These often come in the packaging of the carrier or the service provider and are often delivered overnight or within a couple of days, depending on the choice of service the shipper agreed on.

Parcel delivery, on the other hand, covers those items that are typically boxed. The services vary and packaging may be provided by the company or should the shipper chooses, may be shipped on the box of their own.

The duration of delivery varies yet typical of this kind is the speed of 500 to 700 miles per day, providing it a coast to coast travel of around 4 days.

Beyond this types are the LTL and TL freights. These are the actual air freight services and obviously cover cargoes that need big-time shipments.

Items covered in this category often weigh 15 000 pounds to around 43 000 pounds and have lengths not exceeding 53 inches long.

For each type of service level comes different corresponding prices. Parcel and express packages have pretty simpler system of pricing as compared with cargoes covered in the Less-than-Truckload-Freight and Truckload Freight which have more complicated systems of pricing.

National Motor Freight Classification is the system of pricing that monitors and dictates what price must be given to each item depending on its loadability, density, mixability and a number of other factors.

Theoretically, fragile items require higher costs of shipment since they fall in the freight class 125 to 500.

Denser items such as industrial machineries and steel require lesser care yet take most of the weight falls under the freight class 50 to 85.

Generally, these freight classes have assigned prices for which the assigned class corresponds to the base rate given.

While most air freight service providers can be contacted directly, heavier cargoes require freight brokers for easier arrangements and for the facilitation of savings. Such brokers can be contacted through online marketplaces. They have the hand for directly arranging shipments at much lower rates since they act as intermediaries between carriers and shippers.

It is good to remember that when shipping cargoes with any type of air freight service chosen, you must know in full all the terms and conditions included.

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Using Graf Air Freight, Information and Tips For You

Did you realize that Graf is a industry giant freight company that has been used by businesses or companies over the globe? The graf cooperation is regularly performing among competition with greater cost savings and providing a solution that will deliver the package on time.

The staff at Graf is highly trained and knows how to handle your freight needs. They are experts on getting freight delivered savely and on time. They have someone in the customer support center available to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will always be able to find someone to help you with your package.

With an air freight service that is second to none, Graf understands that they always need to be moving to keep up with all of the packages that need to move to their destination. This leads them to look for areas where they can improve any area of their operation. Efficiency leads the list of important corporate competencies at Graf. The customer must always be happy in order for the management of Graf to be happy.

There are a few things that you as a customer can do to ensure your package arrives at its destination safely. Breakage and damage in shipping is something that no one enjoys. If you are able to follow these steps, you will eliminate some of the major reasons that damage in shipping occurs.

This is a list of precautions that you can take to ensure the overall safety of your package in the shipping process.

Proper padding can help the contents of the package arrive safely at their destination. If you are shipping a mix of items that are fragile and those that are not, make sure that the fragile items are padded properly. Also, secure the items from moving, so that the fragile items are not broken by the other items in the package.

If your package is not filled completely, make an effort to place padding in the package, or find an appropriately sized box to place the items into. If there is excessive room in the box, it is more likely that items will shift or be displaced in the shipping process. This can lead to damage and breakage. Less motion in the box leads to less breakage.

If you are sending liquids or chemicals that may be hazardous, always check to make sure that the carrier will send them by air. There are stricter regulations for shipping hazardous materials by air. If you avoid these type of substances in your package, you will have a much smoother time at the shipping office. If it is necessary to ship this type of item, make sure to talk with the customer support before taking the items to the shipping office. This will ensure that you have all necessary paper work and clearances to ship the items.

Perishable items must be packed properly before sending them with Graf air freight. You can find proper packaging materials for use in shipping these items. You will want to ensure that you use proper refrigeration and containment for these items. There are also additional requirements and regulations regarding perishable items. Please verify those with your customer support representative before arriving with your package ready for shipment. This will save you frustration at the shipping desk.

If you are to follow the above suggestions and guidelines before sending an air freight shipment with Graf, you will have a much smoother experience. Graf is a great provider of air shipments that will deliver your packages with the greatest of care.

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Hactl Hong Kong Air Cargo Handling Terminal Automation
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Know All About Air Freight Rates

In an increasingly globalise world, people are always looking for the best ways to move their products from one place to another. Air freight is one of those fastest ways to ship goods overseas for both private and corporate consumers. Whether you are shipping your personal items, gifts or products, air freight is a reliable and time saving method of transportation. Air services are the good ways that will send your goods to their destination safely and quickly. For business owners, shipping by air will keep their business running smoothly. Presently, there are a large number of factors that can affect the air freight rates. One of the most important factors to consider is the demand.

As we all know that more and more people want to get the air freight service that will result in a much higher cost for such service. The basic economic law on the demand states as shipping freight service demand increases, the air freight rates will also increase with such demand. The air freight containers are likewise important factors that are affecting the freight rates. Freight containers are also known as unit load gadgets and these containers help in protecting the cargo items from the potential damages that can possibly occur while being transported from one place to another.

Likewise, various cargo may need different kinds of containers. If you need a special container to hold your cargo, then this is the request that can be a cause for the prices to increase in your case. Manpower, on the other hand, is also an important factor which is affecting the air freight rates. A large number of people who work to send your cargo as well as their specialisation affect the costs significantly. If you need freight experts to work on your cargo, then this means that you have to pay out more because of such expert professionals.

At last, speed is also an important factor that affects the freight rates of airways. Companies that generally offer various rates depending on the speed of the cargo delivery. There are so many air freight companies that offer normal as well as speed deliveries to the people. When it comes to speed delivery, these firms charge additional freight fees from the customers. If you want your cargo to reach its destination in a day or even a few hours, then you need to pay for the additional costs.

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Hong Kong Air Cargo Handling Terminal Automation System for Live Animals Dangrous Goods Fragile items and temperature control storage

Your Guideline For Selecting The Type Of Air Freight Services You Need

One’s selection of air freight should be dictated by their immediate and chronic needs which maximize the services provided by air freight businesses. Plainly, one only has to avail of certain services that he truly needs.

There are various types of air freight services specially created for specific purposes. While a great many may perform multiple objectives, it is still best not to tax yourself with money and time by just choosing the service that you don’t actually require.

Since not all packages have the same size, weight, type of shipping and duration of shipping, air freight industry has created various methods and categories wherein customers may choose their needed type of service. In this article there we would try to discuss in brief the various air freight services that you may choose from. Please read on.

The easiest sort of cargo shipment falls under the household goods category which include items such as furniture, house accessories and bits of goods similarly typed in this section. Since these don’t naturally require special services, your cargo may be delivered on a similar day it was sent or reckoning on the service alternative chosen.

The second class of air freight is the express or overnight rapid delivery. These generally cover items such as mail letters, small envelops and other smaller items. Since they’re relatively light, cargoes of this kind come in air freight company packaging. Two of the most notable air freight company rendering this service are the FedEx show and the UPS.

Dependent on the free service options, prices and type of presentation may vary including the duration of travel. Most items in this category travel some distance through air and may go coast to coast in a few days or overnight.

The next category available is the land or parcel shipment. Since items in this type are slightly larger and heavier than the first two classes, the shipping of items may take a number of days and may move any place from 500 miles a day to 700 miles. Most ground shipments weigh around 100 pounds or less and each item do not normally mention 70 pounds.

Depending on the provider, parcel shipments may either travel by road, rail and air. Nevertheless the latter is seldom offered.

This shipment covers nearly all of the business-to-customer type of service and is often used by businesses that employ cash-on- delivery system of purchase.

When you need is the service of shipping much larger and much heavier stuffs, you might want to look into your options covered by the freight shipments.

Less-than-Truck-Load is the service that you need to avail if you have cargoes of less than 15 000 pounds. Most shipments of this kind cover business to business shipment and are sometimes referred to as motor freights.

This kind of air freight service often arrives mixed freight environment which implies that cargoes are combined with some other shipments and can be transferred from one carrier to another, depending on the sort of service the shipper has picked out.

Shippers are required to organize for their packaging as most air freight carriers do not give any sort of assistance in packaging the cargoes.
Meanwhile, Truckload Freights are the largest of this kind. They go anywhere from 15 000 pounds to 43 000 and length can extend up to 53 inches long.

This sort of shipment is often combined with other shipments in one equipment and arrives at the exact trailer they were shipped on.

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Advance Distribution and Logistics: The Best Air Freight in Canada

Air freight in Canada is a crowded industry, with lots of providers vying for your company’s business. Standards in the Canadian air freight industry are understandably high, since cargo is the lifeblood of virtually all industry. Don’t entrust your precious stock to a fly-by-night provider of air freight in Canada, without a proven track record for safety and reliability. Choose Advance Distribution and Logistics, instead. They’ll get the job done right.

With over a decade of experience handling air freight in Canada, there is no problem Advance Distribution and Logistics hasn’t already encountered and devised a solution for. No matter what your shipping needs, Advance Distribution and Logistics stands ready and able to assist you with moving your goods around the country, or around the world.

Advance Distribution and Logistics’ air services are designed with global business in mind. Advance Distribution and Logistics’ air freight in Canada benefits from strong linkages with international shipping networks, enabling them to consult with customers on ways of shuttling goods even to relatively distant locales.

Advance Distribution and Logistics provides a number of other types of shipping services, aside from air freight. Canada sprawls across a massive landmass, and so it only stands to reason that Advance Distribution and Logistics would also have one of the best truck fleets in the business. They can arrange to pick up, sort, and ship your goods over land throughout North America. Advance Distribution and Logistics’ trucks are outfitted with all the accoutrements necessary to handle cargo of all shapes, sizes, and sensitivities. Refrigerated trailers are available, as are flatbeds and other specialized equipment.

Air freight customers in Canada might also be interested in Advance Distribution and Logistics’ comprehensive ocean-based container shipping services. With a full line of ocean shipping services at the ready, Advance Distribution and Logistics is able to send goods around the world, quickly and efficiently.

For customers whose shipping needs are more comprehensive, Advance Distribution and Logistics offers 3PL logistics. Using their Toronto-based logistics center, they will work with your company to devise a complete scheme for storing, picking, and shipping goods. This is an ideal option for any organization that requires full-service online order fulfillment.

Clearly, air freight in Canada is only the start of Advance Shipping and Logistics’ comprehensive service offering. With so much experience in so many aspects of the shipping and logistics industry, you can entrust your cargo to Advance Shipping in Logistics secure in the knowledge that they will ensure that everything travels from end-to-end securely, and on deadline.

Advance Distribution and Logistics is a Toronto-based shipper of air freight in Canada, and a provider of other shipping and logistics services. For more information, visit AdvanceShip.

Advance Distribution and Logistics helps businesses large and small enter, operate and distribute products in the Canadian market with turnkey transportation and logistics solutions in Canada. For more information, visit

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