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Air freight in Canada is a crowded industry, with lots of providers vying for your company’s business. Standards in the Canadian air freight industry are understandably high, since cargo is the lifeblood of virtually all industry. Don’t entrust your precious stock to a fly-by-night provider of air freight in Canada, without a proven track record for safety and reliability. Choose Advance Distribution and Logistics, instead. They’ll get the job done right.

With over a decade of experience handling air freight in Canada, there is no problem Advance Distribution and Logistics hasn’t already encountered and devised a solution for. No matter what your shipping needs, Advance Distribution and Logistics stands ready and able to assist you with moving your goods around the country, or around the world.

Advance Distribution and Logistics’ air services are designed with global business in mind. Advance Distribution and Logistics’ air freight in Canada benefits from strong linkages with international shipping networks, enabling them to consult with customers on ways of shuttling goods even to relatively distant locales.

Advance Distribution and Logistics provides a number of other types of shipping services, aside from air freight. Canada sprawls across a massive landmass, and so it only stands to reason that Advance Distribution and Logistics would also have one of the best truck fleets in the business. They can arrange to pick up, sort, and ship your goods over land throughout North America. Advance Distribution and Logistics’ trucks are outfitted with all the accoutrements necessary to handle cargo of all shapes, sizes, and sensitivities. Refrigerated trailers are available, as are flatbeds and other specialized equipment.

Air freight customers in Canada might also be interested in Advance Distribution and Logistics’ comprehensive ocean-based container shipping services. With a full line of ocean shipping services at the ready, Advance Distribution and Logistics is able to send goods around the world, quickly and efficiently.

For customers whose shipping needs are more comprehensive, Advance Distribution and Logistics offers 3PL logistics. Using their Toronto-based logistics center, they will work with your company to devise a complete scheme for storing, picking, and shipping goods. This is an ideal option for any organization that requires full-service online order fulfillment.

Clearly, air freight in Canada is only the start of Advance Shipping and Logistics’ comprehensive service offering. With so much experience in so many aspects of the shipping and logistics industry, you can entrust your cargo to Advance Shipping in Logistics secure in the knowledge that they will ensure that everything travels from end-to-end securely, and on deadline.

Advance Distribution and Logistics is a Toronto-based shipper of air freight in Canada, and a provider of other shipping and logistics services. For more information, visit AdvanceShip.

Advance Distribution and Logistics helps businesses large and small enter, operate and distribute products in the Canadian market with turnkey transportation and logistics solutions in Canada. For more information, visit

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Do You Need Someone To Help With Air Freight Canada Questions?

If you’re looking for a company with extensive service in shipping within Canada, and from Canada to other countries, Advanceship, may be your answer. Air freight from Canada can be a very complicated process, and having a company who understands it well, providing your logistics services can save you not only time and money, but lost inventory as well. Advanceship, found online at advanceship is highly experienced in air freight within Canada, and air freight from Canada to international destinations.

Every country has a different set of requirements for allowing product through customs. While air freight from Canada is generally considered one of the least complicated methods for shipping large quantities of stock or supplies to other destinations, there are still many things to consider when choosing a company to guide you through the air freight from Canada process. You want to be sure that the company helping you with your air freight Canada questions not only knows how to make your projects run smoothly from start to finish, but also has inside knowledge of ways to make it happen faster and with less complications. Air freight from Canada does require more than the ability to package items and correctly label them, although this can be tricky as well, depending upon the destination country.

When you’re looking into various companies in order to compare their services wth Advanceship, before making a decision about which company to hire for your air freight Canada needs, no doubt Advanceship will easily impress you with their vast array of services. One of the best features of Advanceship’s service list is their reliable local connection to a world wide shipping network. With this excellent resource, Advanceship can provide door to door shipping solutions, which includes air freight from Canada, trucking ship options for ground distribution in North America, and shipping containers for ocean distribution.

Don’t make the mistake of not researching the air freight Canada companies you’re considering. This is a very important aspect of any business, and only not to be taken lightly. The way you choose to plan your air freight from Canada, can make or break your business. If you work with a company who offers solutions for air freight Canada issues who doesn’t have a good, longstanding reputation and reputable business partners to help you accomplish your unique goals for air freight from Canada, you could lose valuable time, and this can lose you customers.

You want to know that the company you’re working with, who will be supplying support for each of your customer’s air freight in Canada shipments, is a reliable and hardworking company. Advanceship, at is an air freight Canada professional, providing all kinds of warehousing, order picking and distribution services designed to meet any need and any budget. Visit them today to speak with someone about your requirements, and to see their impressive and comprehensive list of services and options to meet every business’s needs.

Advance Distribution and Logistics helps businesses large and small enter, operate and distribute products in the Canadian market with turnkey transportation and logistics solutions in Canada. For more information, please visit

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