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In an increasingly globalise world, people are always looking for the best ways to move their products from one place to another. Air freight is one of those fastest ways to ship goods overseas for both private and corporate consumers. Whether you are shipping your personal items, gifts or products, air freight is a reliable and time saving method of transportation. Air services are the good ways that will send your goods to their destination safely and quickly. For business owners, shipping by air will keep their business running smoothly. Presently, there are a large number of factors that can affect the air freight rates. One of the most important factors to consider is the demand.

As we all know that more and more people want to get the air freight service that will result in a much higher cost for such service. The basic economic law on the demand states as shipping freight service demand increases, the air freight rates will also increase with such demand. The air freight containers are likewise important factors that are affecting the freight rates. Freight containers are also known as unit load gadgets and these containers help in protecting the cargo items from the potential damages that can possibly occur while being transported from one place to another.

Likewise, various cargo may need different kinds of containers. If you need a special container to hold your cargo, then this is the request that can be a cause for the prices to increase in your case. Manpower, on the other hand, is also an important factor which is affecting the air freight rates. A large number of people who work to send your cargo as well as their specialisation affect the costs significantly. If you need freight experts to work on your cargo, then this means that you have to pay out more because of such expert professionals.

At last, speed is also an important factor that affects the freight rates of airways. Companies that generally offer various rates depending on the speed of the cargo delivery. There are so many air freight companies that offer normal as well as speed deliveries to the people. When it comes to speed delivery, these firms charge additional freight fees from the customers. If you want your cargo to reach its destination in a day or even a few hours, then you need to pay for the additional costs.

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About Ocean Freight Shipping

About Ocean Freight Shipping


Ocean freight shipping is the water transportation of merchandise.  Ocean freight shipping is an affordable solution for shipping goods anywhere.  And because ocean freight shipping is cost-effective, merchants not in a hurry for the shipping of the goods prefer this.  When goods are non-perishable or heavy, ocean freight shipping is a good choice.  Ocean freight shipping has two types of services: Full container load (FCL) ocean freight shipping and less than container load (LCL) ocean freight shipping.


In full container load ocean freight shipping, the 20- or 40-ft container is used and may depend in other countries.  In FCL ocean freight shipping the whole container is for one consignee.  An FCL ocean freight shipping rate is lower than the equivalent of the cargo’s weight. The FCL ocean freight shipping means that the container reaches acceptable weight or length.  The FCL ocean freight shipping doesn’t mean that you have to totally stuff the container.


Container loading in ocean freight shipping is a complicated process.  During ocean freight shipping container loading, focus is important to prevent cargo damage.  There are rules in ocean freight shipping of full container loading.  Before loading for ocean freight shipping, examine container inside and outside. In ocean freight shipping, the cargo should be placed properly in its best position in the container.


The ocean freight shipping container could be stuffed with permissible weight.  In ocean freight shipping, the cargo needs to be packed properly.  A special packing for ocean freight shipping is necessary.  During ocean freight shipping loading of containers, appropriate devices should be used.  To prevent damage in the container during ocean freight shipping loading and unloading, forklifts should not be used.


The less than container load or LCL ocean freight shipping, is a shipment not enough to fill the standard size of the cargo container.  The LCL ocean freight shipping or less than carload also means that the quantity or amount of shipment is lesser than maximum for carload rate to be applied.


Cargo carriers are ships used for ocean freight shipping.  The Ocean freight shipping cargo ships can be determined by the type of cargo onboard.  Ocean freight shipping cargo carriers are classified according to use. Ocean freight shipping tanker carries liquid cargo.  Ocean freight shipping container ships carry the standard container.  These ocean freight shipping ships have speeds greater than 20 knots.  Ocean freight shipping barge-carrying ships are the container ships’ extensions.


In these ocean freight shipping cargo carriers, the container itself is considered a floating vessel; the measurement is about 60×30 ft. in length and width.  The ocean freight shipping roll-on/off ships are uniquely designed for shipping wheeled cargo.  Ocean freight shipping dry-bulk ships are used to transport core, coal and grains.


The hub of import and export and logistics is ocean freight shipping.  Many material goods can be transported in ocean freight shipping. Automobile manufacturers are taking advantage of ocean freight shipping.  They receive huge discounts in ocean freight shipping rate.


Some small merchants may encounter problems in ocean freight shipping regulations.  Ocean freight shipping company can have a broker solve that.  Most ocean freight shipping companies have freight brokers. These people work with the ocean freight shipping industry in the coordination of the transport and searching for the right information. The freight shipper gathers the costs of ocean freight shipping into a single unit which is inclusive of the shipping rate, custom fees, insurance fee, and handling service fees.


In ocean freight shipping, make sure of the errors and omission insurance.  Some ocean freight shipping policy doesn’t cover damage or loss during transport.  See to it that the ocean freight shipping company has a license from the Federal Maritime Commission.  Prior to ocean freight shipping, discuss with the broker the terms and conditions with shipping.

“Dangerous goods” in ocean freight shipping is a material that is hazardous to health and safety.  It is called HAZMAT for hazardous material, and is also identified as DG in the ocean freight shipping of the US.  Strict compliance with ocean freight shipping must be observed in labeling, documenting and packing. The ocean freight shipping company needs the approval from international ocean carrier when there is an ocean freight shipping of DG and should be done before scheduling the ocean freight shipping.  An ocean freight shipping company’s obligation is to present the documents necessitated for this matter.

Improper identification, classification or lack of documents may cause delay in DG ocean freight shipping.  Dangerous international ocean freight shipping of goods would take longer time to be transported especially in the USA.  The ocean freight shipping company has to make necessary efforts to pursue the ocean freight shipping of these goods.





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