Freight shipping companies

To start with Freight Shipping Companies, first let us know what exactly is freight and freight shipping.

Freight (or cargo) is goods or produce transported, generally for commercial gain, by means of Road, Rail, Sea or Air. The transportation of freight by any mode is known as freight/cargo shipping.

There are many companies which provide shipping solutions. Again, the solutions provided by the companies either have limited services on the means of transportaion or are have total end to end solution.

As per the segregation on the mode of transportation/shipment, the companies also segregate themselves. Many companies have only one mode shipment, for example some provide only road shipment, some only sea/Air. There are many companies who provide two modes of shipment.

Companies providing total solutions as in door to door logistics are also known as Multimodal Transport Operators.

While describing the term “shipping companies”, all the companies that provide shipping solutions by any mode fall into this category, but the commonly understood is sea shipping companies.

Detailing the work of the shipping companies (sea shipping), the field is vast. A shipping company can be a liner, charterer, shipping agencies, transporter etc. Defining Freight Shipping Company in simple words is a Transporter via Sea route.

Freight shipping companies are of good use when heavy items or of large quantity needs to be transported to very far off locations like transporting goods to countries in other continent and the delivery time is not on urgency or limited. Freight shipping through sea is also very economical as companred to air shipping. As mentioned earlier, if there is an urgency on the delivery of the goods and the quantity in not much as well has a limited weight then the Air shipping companies come into play.

There are several companies across the globe that provide shipping solutions both on sea as well as air. The freight shipping companies may have their own ships or aircrafts or cargo carriers to transport the goods or may also charter the same. Many other companies just play a part of consultants for providing freight to the main transporters. On normal call of talks, even the consultants are known as freight shipping companies. It is because, these consultants provide the end solutions by contracting with the liners and then providing the Bill of Lading from their own company. The consulting companies play the role of end service providers on the documented part for the customer and customer for the liners or charterers. has been developed and designed is such a manner keeping all the business terms and flow in mind that it has become a one stop data provider for all. This portal provides the database for all the shipping, trading and logistics companies in the world. Now one dies not have to worry on the part as in how to find companies those would provide solutions to you to the locations you are not well aware of. This web-site is also helpful in case you need the companies or the serivce providers to reach you by just posting your requirements on the specified field. is a shipping directory, logistics directory, trading directory. Browse and find Freight shipping companies, Freight companies

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